Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu | Review

Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu
Genres: Young adult, contemporary
Pages: 344  Format: Paperback


Jennifer Mathieu’s YA novel, “Moxie”, offers an insightful look at feminism through the eyes of a high school student.

The storyline revolves around Vivian Carter’s decision to create and anonymously distribute a feminist zine after she becomes fed up with the everyday sexism that happens in her school.

The reader joins Vivian on a path of self-discovery as she learns to fight back against the harassment inflicted by male students and teachers.

Mathieu’s portrayal of high school sexism highlights how it is ingrained in school culture, offering examples that a lot of girls can relate to from their own experiences.

“Moxie” offers an inspiring story about the power that girls can possess if they unite together.


Mathieu manages to address issues such as ingrained sexism in the form of Viv’s love interest, Seth Acosta, as well as the reluctance that girls have in identifying as feminists.

While “Moxie” offers a rather educational read, the narrative generally remains quite lighthearted throughout which makes it an easy read.

The themes about the purpose of feminism tend to be over exaggerated and give the story a rather clunky narrative at times. However, it serves the purpose of emphasising points that Mathieu wishes to make about feminism.

Overall, this is a great book if you, or someone you know, is looking for an explanation about what feminism embodies and why it is still important. I truly hope that this book proves to be useful for those who aren’t so sure about feminism.

While I hope that no one has to deal with someone as terrible as Principal Wilson, “Moxie” demonstrates that girls should not have to put up with, or stay silent about, sexist behaviour at school.



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2 thoughts on “Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu | Review

  1. hello, I really enjoyed reading Moxie too I find it so hard to find people who read the same books as me and I’d love to talk about the Zoella book club with you, I’ve even done a blog post about it. I think my favourite book so far must be The one memory of Flora Banks what about yours? Xx


    • Hi 😊 I’ll definitely check out your blog post! The one memory of Flora Banks is the next book in my list to read and review! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I don’t want to make a decision on my favourite yet until I’ve read them all so that I can compare them xx


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