Are They Worth It?: A Jamberry Wraps Review

I love getting my nails done but lets face it, getting them done professionally is both expensive and time consuming. So when I heard about Jamberry wraps I was ecstatic! I could supposedly get great, professional-looking nails without paying someone to do them for me. But are they really that good?

What Do You Get?


For £15, you receive a sheet of wraps featuring your chosen design. From each sheet you can apparently get 2 full manicures and 2 pedicures.

Or can you?

I mean sure, if you live in a perfect world where your nails match up to the sizes as shown above exactly. Personally, I found that the wraps are a little on the small side.

If you don’t do a full manicure and instead mix it up a little with nail polish like I did then you’ll probably be fine. However, if you do a full manicure then the chances are that you’ll end up stuck with odd sized wraps that only cover half of your nail for your second manicure.

How Do You Apply Them?


In theory it’s really simple:

  • Find the size that fits, cut it out and cut it in half
  • Use and orange stick to remove the wrap from plastic backing
  • Heat it using something like a hair dryer
  • Apply to nail and apply heat and pressure until it bonds properly with the nail
  • Repeat using the other half of the wrap on your other hand

But is it that simple in reality?

No, of course it isn’t. The chances are that the edges aren’t going to lay flat and will instead look crinkly. Not to mention the wrap will probably look wonky the first time that you apply them.

If you live in a perfect dream world, you’ll get them looking perfect the first time you do them. However, for the rest of us mere mortals it will take practice.

That’s great if you can afford to keep buying sheets of wraps until you’re able to reach a professional looking finish. But personally, I don’t enjoy the idea of spending £15 on something that I’m not happy with and I don’t think many others do either.

Do They Last?


Simple answer: yes!

The good thing that I found when using these nail wraps is that they didn’t chip or anything. I re-applied my nail polish twice before I had to remove my Jamberry wraps!

The only reason that I removed them is because my nails had grown leaving a gap at the bottom and because the edges had started to lift a little bit.

So Are They Worth It?

It depends on what you want out of using Jamberry wraps. If you want perfect looking nails from the first use then you should probably just spend the extra money to get them done professionally.

However, if you’re willing to put the time and money into practicing then I think you’ll definitely like them.

There are tonnes of different designs to choose from ranging from nude designs to floral and even black.

Applying them is relatively quick so you don’t have to take a whole day off to do them. Then once you’ve applied them you don’t have to worry about doing them again for around 2 weeks (depending on how fast your nails grow, of course).

If you aren’t sure about whether Jamberry is for you, you can try to find a representative near you who might offer you a free sample. That way you don’t need to commit straight away!


Leave me a comment letting me know what you think about Jamberry wraps!


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